West Halmahera Continues To Develop Geothermal Project

Ternate, North Maluku, Oct 16 (Antara) - The West Halmahera district government in the province of North Maluku is committed to continue developing a geothermal project in the Idamdehe region in the district.

"Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry`s Directorate General for Geothermal is keen to develop the geothermal project in the Idamdehe region in West Halmahera, and we are committed to doing it," local government expert staff Ismail Arifin remarked here on Monday.

According to Arifin, the energy and mineral resources minister expects the West Halmahera district government to adopt a proactive approach in communicating matters relating to the development of the geothermal project with the ministry.

Arifin said the minister wants the geothermal project in West Halmahera to be managed optimally, as utilizing the geothermal potential in Jailolo is part of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry`s national projects.

Based on the interpretation of a preliminary survey conducted in the Jailolo geothermal field, it is estimated that it could generate up to 50 megawatts (MW) of power.

A development impact analysis has been readied as part of a Jailolo feasibility study aimed at forecasting the impacts and benefits of implementing the project.

In order to supply electricity to a local area, the Jailolo geothermal field requires new infrastructure that would inevitably change the existing environment as well as affect the social and economic aspects of the local community.